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The GeoScouting (Geocaching + Scouting) Committee is offering instruction on the basics of geocaching (pronounced: gee-o-cash-ing) to any dens, packs, patrols, troops & sea and venture crews that are interested. ***Please note that this is NOT the Geocaching Merit Badge class.***


For those interested in instruction for their dens, packs, patrols, troops & crews, please contact: 

Renée Siegel

BGC GeoScouting Committee Chair



Please include the following information in your email:


Den/Pack, Patrol/Troop or Crew # (specify):


Phone number:

Email address:



Did you know....?

*       There is now a Geocaching Merit Badge?

*       There is a completed ‘Cache to Eagle’ series (12) in the Elkhorn/Palisades Districts area? (‘Cache to Eagle’ geocaches are usually a series of 12 geocaches that are placed near Boy Scout Eagle Projects to bring attention to Scouting's commitment to community service.)

*       There are ‘Cache To Eagle’ series started in the Shawnee and Lake Cumberland Districts as well?

*       There is a ‘Boy Scout Law’ series of geocaches in the Lexington Area for anyone to find?

*       There is a series of ‘Cache to Cub Scout’ geocaches that have started coming out that have trade items & treasure especially for younger Scouts & kids alike to hunt & find?

*       There are public & private (private=Scouts & Scouters only) geocaches placed at Camp McKee for Scouts & Scouters to find?

*       There is a geocache at the Blue Grass Council Office?

*       There are ‘Pillars of Scouting’ geocaches placed in several of the Blue Grass Council districts?

*       There is a web page on the BGBSA.org website where you can find & download information on geocaches, geocaching and GeoScouting?  Click here to go to this page


There's lots of fun to be had with Scouting & geocaching!  Come and Get In The Game!

 Blue Grass Council Geocache Sites:


    Cache to Eagle Series by the Blue Grass Council

    BGC Treasures of Scouting - Action!


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