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2020 Recruiter Campaign

2020 Recruiter Campaign
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Hey Blue Grass Scouting units – want to help us show that the Scouting adventure and spirit is continuing no matter what gets in our way?


We know many of you are developing some pretty inventive ways to keep Scouting going in your unit, family and community. Why not use this opportunity to get other friends in on the fun?


Yes – you can recruit new youth into Scouting and have them join you in your Virtual/Interactive Scouting Events and Meetings – and the best part is you can earn a pretty cool, one-of-a-kind, recruiting patch in the process! I mean, how many times do you get an opportunity to do cool Scouting adventures while in the middle of a world-wide pandemic? That’s certainly “Scouting in Action!”


You may find that many of your neighborhood friends are looking for new things to do because their extracurricular programs that they are usually busy with might not have a lot going on right now. Why not ask them to join you on your Scouting adventure?


Any Scout that recruits a friend to join Scouting will get a special, extra-awesome, “Virtual Recruiter” Patch. What’s not to lose? Besides, don’t you think the world needs more Scouts – especially during times like these? So…Stay Calm and Scout On and let’s get more Scouts recruited!


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