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OA Indian Winter

OA Indian Winter
Last Day To Register
8695 Levee Rd.
Jeffersonville, KY 40337, US
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The last date for registration has passed.

Keeneland Lodge, Camp McKee
Cost: $25.00 per person
Additional kits that can be purchased: Bracelet ($10), Choker ($12), Tomahawk ($25), Breastplate ($35) Items must be ordered by December 20

 You feel like you have been walking for what seems like a lifetime. Your feet hurt, your hands hurt, and you have not eaten anything all day. All you can think about is getting some sleep. Continuing on with the fellow Scouts you’ve been working with all day, you walk even more. Drums resound in the distance, and a glimmer of hope resides within your heart.

Remember this point in your Ordeal? That point of anticipation; not knowing what was in store for you. Everything leading up to that instance was the result of the hard work from fellow youth working together as a lodge to bring forth your Ordeal. What happened after that was really special and helped pave a foundation in your Order of the Arrow legacy... 

Ceremonies are a vital part of what the Order of the Arrow is. American Indian lore is a major ingredient to the effectiveness of the ceremony and is a key way the Order projects its vision and mission. Every youth member of Kawida Lodge is encouraged to be a part of its legacy by taking part in ceremonies.

INDIAN WINTER is an event being held annually by Kawida Lodge. All Arrowmen with an interest in learning more about the American Indian culture, Kawida Lodge, or the Order are of course welcomed. Participants will have the opportunity to delve deeper into the ceremony world of settings, props, symbolism, performing the ceremonies, the development of ceremonial attire, and understanding the ten induction principles.

Whether you’ve been in ceremonies since your induction, or have yet to make that step, Indian Winter will be an event that will bring you to places you didn’t know you could go.

“Who among you now is ready? Who will go upon the journey? You must choose…”

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