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Scouting for Food Pick Up

Scouting for Food Pick Up
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“Scouting for Food” is Scouting’s community stewardship project aimed at addressing the problem of hunger in

the community in which we live and work.

Scouting for Food is a food collection effort carried out by Boy Scouts, Venturers, and Cub Scouts from your

community. Food drives can be organized at the district level or by each individual unit as needed. Scouts

distribute food drive donation requests (flyers, notes, and/or bags) throughout a designated area and then return

to collect plastic grocery bags filled with donated food. The bags are collected and carried to local food

pantries, churches, shelters for the homeless, and other local agencies that feed the needy.

Scouting for Food is a project rooted in the very foundation of the Scouting movement. Through initiative and

hard work, the Boy Scouts have developed a framework that can help local food pantries feed tens of thousands

of needy local residents with emergency aid. It is up to the people of your community to make Scouting for

Food a success.

The Scouting for Food Campaign will continue to bring Scout units closer to their Chartered Organizations and

communities by focusing their food campaign efforts on a pantry in their immediate area, possibly associated

with their own Chartered Organization. The campaign is flexible and units may schedule their campaign at a

time convenient for their members and based on the needs of their local pantry.

The mechanics of the campaign are open-ended. Units may do more than one food drive and are encouraged to

match their food drive(s) to the needs of their local food pantries. Units may elect to use food bags provided by

a local grocer, use bags provided by the distric or council (when available), or develop a campaign strategy

best suited to their membership and abilities.

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