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OA ThunderCard 2018

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2018 ThunderCard Policy
Filling of this form, and purchasing a 2018 ThunderCard, includes the following:
• 2018 Membership Dues
• 2018 Spring Fellowship ($25 value)
• Your choice of two Induction Weekends ($20 value each)
• 2018 Fall Fellowship ($25 value)
• 2018 Winter Banquet ($20 value)
• 2019 Indian Winter ($25 value)
To attend these events with the 2018 ThunderCard, the cardholder must first register for the events ahead of time (making sure to select “ThunderCard” as method of payment). Important: Cardholders will still need to register for events ahead of time for appropriate registration planning numbers.
Upon arriving at the event, the cardholder will need to present their ThunderCard upon checking in at the event to verify that they are indeed a ThunderCard holder.
The ThunderCard does not cover “add-on” fees (Brotherhood Conversion, Merchandise, Travel Fees, etc.), and only covers basic attending member registration.
The ThunderCard also includes membership renewal for 2018.
(Please submit filled 2018 Membership Renewal Form to include renewal.)

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