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Journey to Excellence

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"Journey to Excellence" is Scouting's performance recognition program, designed to encourage and reward units, districts, and councils for continuously improving their ability to deliver the Scouting program. Packs, troops, crews, districts, and councils each have a JTE scorecard which lists the attributes that a well-performing unit, district, or council should have. The goal of JTE is for the leaders of each unit (youth and adult)?to use the scorecard to assess their current status and identify areas in which they can improve. The JTE program then recognizes those units which are either already well-performing or working to improve their effectiveness.

JTE is designed to serve as a set of guideposts for unit efforts during the year, not just as a checklist to be reviewed at the end of the year. Quality doesn't just "happen"?in the course of unit operation; it is something that is achieved through directed effort. The JTE standards change from year to year, both to "raise the bar"?and to emphasize different aspects of Scouting's programs. Therefore, a unit that achieves the Gold level one year may be recognized at the Silver level the next year for the same general level of achievement.

At the beginning of each calendar year, the youth and adult leaders of each unit should review the previous year's JTE scorecard and decide which areas they will focus on during the coming months. As the year goes on, the Patrol Leaders'?Council, Crew Leaders'?Council, or the equivalent group should frequently review their progress and adjust their goals accordingly. It's best to set SMART goals (specific, measureable, attainable, relevant, and timely) which directly pertain to the JTE scorecard. For example, a troop might decide to raise their number of camping trips held in one year from seven to nine.

Current JTE scorecards and additional information can be found on the Journey to Excellence website. Units are also encouraged to reach out to their unit commissioner, who can answer questions or provide assistance as needed.

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